What are you paying?

You know what you’re paying for software and maintenance but is it right? Is it accurate and is it the best price that you can get. No two enterprise software agreements are the same. Both discounts and terms can vary enormously. Get the best available advice on what is possible.

Software Sense can explore terms you may not have considered and help you negotiate them with vendors.

What can Software Sense bring?

It is a universal truth that no two enterprise customers ever paid the same price for the same software. It is equally true that enterprise agreements are notoriously complex and often quite opaque.

You know the bottom line that you paid and perhaps have a category breakdown. But are you in a good position to compare a current offer with a previous deal, let alone deals negotiated by other customers?

At Software Sense we have a lifetime of experience of how vendors construct offers and what other clients have signed. We understand vendor strategies, their pressure points and what they will happily concede.

When your next contract negotiation comes around make sure you have the best advice on your side.

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