What Software Are you Using?

The software that you own? Maybe. The reality is that despite all vigilance most of us use some software that we don’t own and don’t use some software that we have paid for.

Compliance is our key area of expertise. Whether you’re facing an audit or you want to make sure you’re prepared for one, Software Sense can guide you through the maze of vendor claims.

Here’s how Software Sense can help:

We start by analysing your environment to find where you have over or under deployed licenses.

If you have more licences than you need we develop strategies to help you redeploy licences or renegotiate maintenance terms.

Where overdeployment is found we have strategies to bring you back into compliance and protect you against unreasonable vendor claims.

Software Sense can help you implement processes and tools to protect you against future vendor audits.

We can develop terms unique to your enterprise that will give you maximum flexibility in the use of your software. We can also help you negotiate those terms with your vendor.

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