What software do you own?

Your users may determine the vendor but they don’t much care about licensing. How much software you buy depends very much on the terms you agree with the vendor. Software Sense can explore terms you may not have considered and help you negotiate them with vendors.

How Software Sense can help:

We start by understanding your entitlements, ie, the software you’re licensed to use. While this may seem obvious, in practice it is often anything but. Evolutions, upgrades, changes in metrics, etc, means the picture is often not clear and the licensing position is disputable.

The key step is to analyse and understand your software contracts. Once we understand your contractual position and are sure of your entitlements we match it against your environment to build a baseline of your actual deployment and requirements, sometimes referred to as the effective licensing position (ELP).

Finally, we deliver a simple but comprehensive report on what you own, and any gaps against what you have deployed. The report is designed to enable you to act precisely and immediately.

If you need to acquire new software as a result of our analysis, Software Sense do not receive any benefit from any purchase you might make. We are totally independent and have no affiliations with any vendor.

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