About Us

Software Sense was formed by a group of senior professionals with extensive experience working for large, global software vendors, and an experienced CIO. They teamed up with the aim of establishing a consultancy and professional services group that would help clients maximise returns on their software investment through better understanding of vendor practices, and manage their compliance risk in an ever-changing world.

The team has a broad spectrum of experience and skills including: commercial negotiation, deal strategy, legal, IT strategy, software asset strategy and planning, software licencing and pricing, deployment assessment, data analysis, and project execution.

The founder and driving force behind Software Sense is Nigel Kelley who has been negotiating enterprise software contracts with the largest corporations and government departments in Australia and beyond for over twenty years. He is a consummate IT professional with a deep understanding of both the technical and commercial aspects of the software industry. In 2011 he was appointed IBM director with leadership responsibility for the largest IBM enterprise software accounts in Asia Pacific and Brazil.

His time in the role gave him an insight into the challenges facing large organisations when dealing with enterprise software vendors and their ever growing portfolio of products, metrics and licensing terms. As a result, he founded Software Sense with the aim of providing an independent advisory service to help organisations better understand vendor offerings and practices, strengthen their hand in negotiations, enable them to reduce costs and risk while achieving the flexibility needed for transformation.

Nigel has helped some of Australia’s largest organisations save millions of dollars on their software investments while defending them against audits and unreasonable liability claims. Using his deep industry knowledge he has developed innovative and unique contract terms to protect his clients’ interests while preserving their strategic vendor relationships.