“Software Sense was formed to help enterprise software customers even the balance of power with the major vendors….”

Businesses do best when they stick to their core business. But in a world where IT forms an integral part of most businesses what is core business? The answer will be different for everyone but software acquisition and management is probably not one of them. Neither is expertise in software bundling, versioning, licensing models, audit strategies and so on. But all this is the core business of your software vendors, and they’re experts at it. It makes for a very uneven playing field when the time comes to deal with them.

The principals who founded Software Sense understand this asymmetry in information because they built their careers negotiating large software contracts for the major vendors. They recognised that the imbalance of power means that many customers pay too much for the software they need, buy software they don’t need and agree to contract and audit terms that expose them to unnecessary risks. And, at the end of it all, they are left exposed to punitive audits by deploying software without fully understanding the fine print of licensing terms that seem to change with every version of every product.

To address this imbalance, Software Sense offers an end to end advisory and software value management service, from benchmarking and negotiation support, to regular reviews of your licence usage and deployment, through to working alongside you in the event of an audit. We have a track record of winning for our clients. We can reduce your costs and risk by helping you to:
• Negotiate better prices and terms using our experience with other deals and industry knowledge
• Analyse, optimise and potentially reduce your software inventory
• Monitor for potential compliance breaches before they happen
• Minimise your audit liability by effectively challenging any vendor claims