7 November 2017 - IBM Sub-cap licensing
IBM Sub-cap licensing is notoriously complex. Make sure you don’t get caught out.
Have you ever had trouble getting to grips with IBM Sub-cap licensing? Or the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) that’s supposed to help you manage it? You’re not the first. To give you some clarity, Software Sense have teamed up with Flexera to offer a comprehensive new assessment service.

1. Get a full assessment of your sub-cap licensing picture across your network
2. Identify whether you’re currently complying with IBM terms or whether you’ll be at risk in the event of an audit
3. Find out whether you are over or underpaying
4. Receive all this insight for one fixed price

In addition, the assessment service will help you realise the full cost-saving potential that sub-cap licenses promise by introducing you to the benefits of FlexNet Manager for IBM. Flexera have designed this product specifically to help you overcome the difficulties that many organisations experience with ILMT – so it’s well worth finding out more.

4 April 2017 - Cloud looms for software vendors
Enterprise software vendors have had it their way for a long time but Cloud is giving clients a chance to fight back

Nigel Kelley, a founding principal of Software Sense, has found that businesses are so focussed on moving to Cloud that they sometimes lose sight of their existing investment in software. “At a time when they’re taking their systems to the Cloud and their legacy software vendor is in the weakest bargaining position ever, customers often just abandon millions that they have invested over many years.” Read more.....

12 November 2016 - Two in every three customers audited by their software vendors
Audits are no longer chance events - they're part of a plan

A software management consulting group has found that almost two in every three software customers have been audited by their vendors in the previous twelve months. These surprise audits can often cost customers millions of dollars for which they have not budgeted, as well as being extremely disruptive. Read more....