In a world where license management is becoming increasingly complex where do you find clarity?  At Software Sense we start by asking some key questions......
What software do you own? Software assets are not widgets that can be easily counted. Licensing can be complex and entitlement unclear, Software Sense consultants can help you establish a base from which you can make informed decisions.
What software are you using? The software that you own? Maybe. The reality is that despite all vigilance most of us use some software that we don’t own and don’t use some software that we have paid for. Compliance is a key area of our expertise. Whether you’re facing an audit or you want to make sure you’re prepared for one, Software Sense can guide you through the maze of vendor claims.
Do your contract terms align with your software needs? Your users may determine the vendor but they don’t much care about licensing. How you buy software depends very much on the terms you agree with the vendor. Software Sense can explore terms you may not have considered and help you negotiate them with vendors.
What are you paying? You know what you’re paying for software and maintenance but is it right? Is it accurate and is it the best price that you can get. No two enterprise software agreements are the same. Both discounts and terms can vary enormously. Get the best available advice on what is possible.
The road ahead… Software is a dynamic area with rapidly changing technology and user demands. Change is constant, disruption inevitable. Software Sense can help you to be better prepared and ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that arise.