Who we are: Software Sense was formed by a group of senior professionals with extensive experience working for large, global software vendors, and an experienced CIO. They teamed up with the aim of establishing a consultancy and professional services group that would help clients maximise returns on their software investment through better understanding of vendor practices, and manage their compliance risk in an ever-changing world. The team has a broad spectrum of experience and skills including: commercial negotiation, deal strategy, legal, IT strategy, software asset strategy and planning, software licencing and pricing, deployment assessment, data analysis, and project execution. Together, our more than one hundred and twenty years of experience adds up to a comprehensive knowledge of enterprise level software value management.

Nigel Kelley is a negotiator who has closed major software deals in Australia and Asia Pacific, many of which were valued at over $100 million. He brings skills in licence models, metrics, audits, software accounting practices and value based enterprise agreements. He has negotiated successfully for software vendors and knows how they work.

Jason Smith is a technical consultant with extensive experience in the design and deployment of software asset management solutions. He works closely with our clients to find and develop sustainable solutions that are unique to each client, integrated with their existing governance processes and aligned to their business and commercial goals.

Matt Pralija is a software pricing analyst with many years of experience in pricing major software deals for global vendors. He brings an understanding of how major vendors price their products at both the investment and transactional levels. For clients, it means an insight into the terms and discounts that may be achievable in negotiations.

Glyn Thomas is a lawyer who has spent most of his working life analysing and negotiating software contracts and terms for several major vendors in Australia, Europe and Asia Pacific. He has the expertise to unravel the maze of terms in your existing contracts, to understand the kind of terms that are achievable and to advocate for them on your behalf.