The road ahead…
Software is a dynamic area with rapidly changing technology and user demands. Change is constant, disruption inevitable. Software Sense can help you to be better prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that arise.
Nothing stands still, particularly your software environment. Managing your software to achieve your organisation's business goals, to keep up with constant updates and changing user demands while keeping costs down and compliance levels up is an exhausting and never ending task. And yet, it forms only the basic part of what's required. Beyond these basics waits technological disruption and the imperative for transformation.

At Software Sense we assume constant change and work to prepare our clients for that change. It starts with advice and negotiating support to ensure you obtain the most flexible terms possible from your vendor - terms that will allow you to quickly change course when the inevitable disruptions come. It continues during the deployment and business as usual period when we periodically analyse your software environment and make optimisation recommendations, eg, software that is not being used or which could be more effectively moved to the cloud. The cycle is completed as new projects emerge or enterprise contract renewals come around, when we apply all the accumulated data and analysis to put you in the best possible position for new negotiations and acquisitions.